A mother, daughter, sister, aunt & friend. Some would say I am smart, courageous & resilient. I say – I am just me!

The Courage to Change, Chapter “Miracle of God” is a reflection of my life, the adversities and challenges I have faced and how I found the strength to overcome them. After reading this book, I want you to feel inspired, uplifted and encouraged; leaving you with hope knowing that no matter what challenges life brings, you too can find The Courage to Change.

From birth in the UK to my childhood living in Jamaica with my beloved grandmother and then finally residing in Canada, which became my forever home, I have been blessed to experience many different cultures. 

Every experience I have been through has shaped my life and made me who I am today, God has always been the center of my life and I find strength in him every day to overcome my challenges. 

I am privileged to have a very supportive family and especially a loving and amazing daughter. They have gone through every experience with me and for that I am grateful!